Datacenter Consulting services

--Data center consulting services that deliver
hybrid infrastructure-ready data centers as an
integrated aspect of IT strategy.

Transformation Out Of Traditional Data Centers

Traditional data centers cannot meet the requirements of today’s digital world. Transforming to modular-based data center facilities will help your service delivery, not only from your core data centers but also at the edge and for your distributed IT. You can achieve higher levels of flexibility, cost containment, and a more agile data center footprint for your on-premises service delivery model. Enjoy .

Meet the Demand

Speed, efficiency, flexibility, and scale are critical to meet new connectivity and processing demands caused by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. While the value and role of data centers have changed, the way most people design them has not. Still, planning data center projects remains a major challenge. Plans are often poorly communicated among stakeholders, and minor changes can result in major cost consequences further down the road. Planning mistakes often propagate through later deployment phases, resulting in delays, cost overruns, wasted time and, potentially, a compromised system.

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Strategic Migrations

Our Data Center Consulting Services combine both invaluable, upfront strategic assessments and planning with continued support in the delivery of the assessment outcomes and recommendations. Unlike other consulting firms that end relationships after the formation of a strategy. Our SMEs provide the necessary resources, skills and knowledge to ensure successful delivery of those strategic initiatives starting from Planning to Closing stages.

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Cognian Consulting services incorporate our strategic advice and insight into the data center practices and services—enabling you to achieve positive, long-term business results for your enterprise. We collaborate with you to drive consensus on key strategic issues unique to your organization, manage your initiatives successfully and help you identify and capitalize on current and future opportunities.

The cornerstone of Cognian Data Center Consulting Services is our Data Center Capability Assessment. It is designed to assess the impact of your capabilities, value and investment to provide actionable recommendations and road marks. We evaluate key business value metrics to identify improvement opportunities and related strategic initiatives.

We leverage proven tools and diagnostics to produce actionable plans based on proven practices and targeted to your specific situation:

Total cost of computing assessments

Service management effectiveness

Collaborative IT and business stakeholders

IT portfolio and assets assessment

Strategic sourcing alternatives

Data center transition planning

We bring proven tools and diagnostics to enable fact-based decisions on viable courses of action. Whether we’re developing a data center strategy or planning a complex relocation exercise, we leverage the best tools available to ensure completeness and reliability.

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