Edge and Wireless Consulting services

"Edge computing-a distributed computing model that provisions computing infrastructure close to the sources of data, enabling mobile computing and Internet of Things(IoT)"

Digital Transformation at the Edge and the Branch

By embracing the Edge computing technologies, Organization can reduce unplanned downtime, improve asset performance, lower cost of maintenance, and take proactive actions that capture as-yet untapped value from edge data. Have fun with .

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Take the compute to the Edge

Key drivers that make Edge computing is more viable reality today :

  • Emittance of enormous volume of data from edge machines
  • Enhancement in modern machine learning and Data analytics
  • The cost of compute and sensors continue to drop.
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How Cognian can help

Cognian Edge Consulting and Implementation Services bring edge computing to your enterprises and industries featuring a specialized service that helps you create improved customer experiences and application performance with a greater security. For today’s enterprises, a superior customer experience begins with its faster application response time. Slow response time and downtime leads to a higher rate of abandonment, a loss of revenue and reduced brand loyalty. Here are several ways Cognian’s Edge Consulting Services can offer your business:

  • Helps transform the internet into an enterprise-class network that provides predictable performance and protection to your applications
  • Helps Applications and services operate faster and more securely
  • Provides a predictable and high-quality end-user experience and a scalable network that avoids performance problems and downtime while also minimizing infrastructure cost and management complexity.

Wireless and Mobility Consulting services

Cognian offers a wide range of Wireless consulting services from planning, designing, implementing to analyzing and troubleshooting mobile and wireless network systems for many industries, such as hospitals, warehouses, airports and state and Federal Agencies .

Cognian offers a full range of system implementation services to IT organizations and system integrators deploying wireless solutions. We follow the complete cycle of wireless installation life cycle to ensure users have reliable wireless connection.

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