"At the Cost of Internet Access with a Leased-line Performance"

Enterprise WAN using SD

The next-generation WAN solution delivered no matter what size or scale your enterprise is, providing WAN flexibility.

Reduce Spending

On Private WAN link and Legacy MPLS-Based circuity by integrating integrates SD-WAN technology, WAN optimization, content delivery network (CDN) functionality, mobile application acceleration, and connectivity to cloud platforms.

Achieve Load Sharing

By using multiple WAN connections simultaneously, distribute encrypted VPN tunnels across multiple WAN connections, and increase available bandwidth via built-in compression, caching, and WAN optimization technology.

The result is significant cost savings due to simplified management and the reduced need for high-quality lines.

Cognian's SD-WAN Solution...

Can offer cloud-based solution with unified threat management capabilities with no extra servers or hardware. Our tailored solutions can easily be deployed by customers by just plugging it in at the Branch, campuses and co-location and configure with a single Centralized appliance.

Our solutions are designed to improve network speed, security by adding analytics which gives your IT teams better visibility into WAN performance and provide forecasting of application deployments.

SD-WAN Architecture

At Cognian, our Network Architects perform detailed WAN traffic analysis at your site, then design a solution to best meet the needs indicated by the application mix.

We position the best technology to meet your organization’s needs and implement the SD-WAN solutions determining best approach.

SDN in the Enterprise

Manual operations are slow and error-prone and these issues are exacerbated due to the constantly changing environment with more users, devices and applications. With the growth of users and different devices types coming into the network, configuring user credentials and maintaining a consistent policy across the network is more complex.

Consistent management of Enterprise network provisioning and policy

Automated network segmentation and group-based policy

Contextual insights for fast issue resolution and capacity planning

Open and programmable interfaces for integration with third-party solutions

Increased speed of service delivery

If your policy is not consistent, there is the added complexity of maintaining separate policies between wired and wireless. As users move around the network, locating the users & troubleshooting issues also become more difficult. The bottom line is that the networks of today do not address today’s network needs.

Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) is the industry’s first intent-based networking solution for the Enterprise built. SD-Access provides automated end-to-end segmentation to separate user, device and application traffic without redesigning the network. SD-Access automates user access policy so organizations can make sure the right policies are established for any user or device with any application across the network.

Cisco SD-Access enables IT transformation by improving operational effectiveness, enhancing the workforce experience and increasing security and compliance. Building this next-generation solution involved some key foundational elements.

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