Software Defined Datacenter

"Embrace the Transformation in the Datacenter Management"

Software Defined Datacenter

Build a scalable and flexible environment by redefining the way you manage infrastructure and applications. The evolution of Virtualization, DevOps and Policy-based management has decoupled the hardware from software.

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Agility, Security and Greater Economy

With Software-defined Datacenter, enterprises can get greater efficiency, agility, flexibility, and reliability of the Datacenter resources. The applications running in the SSDC environment can create, provision, and deploy network resources in real time adding or removing routers, switches, and servers as the need arises.

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Transition from Convergence

Hyperconvergence sits at the heart of SDDC. It combines storage, computing and networking into a single system to reduce data center complexity and increase scalability. Multiple nodes can be clustered together to create pools of shared compute and storage resources, designed for convenient consumption.

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Companies can start small and grow resources as needed,

For IT leaders who are embarking on data center modernization projects, hyper convergence can provide the agility of public cloud infrastructure without relinquishing control of hardware on their own premises.

Vendor Neutral Hardware combined with Software driven Intelligence

Increased Cost Savings by reduction in power consumption, datacenter space

Provides benefits of automation and orchestration.

Simplified Data Center Management

Increased speed of service delivery

COGNIAN Technologies helps companies simplify and streamline complex data center issues, both existing now and potentially in the future, by identifying the right infrastructure.

The data center infrastructure has many layers and even more moving parts. From virtual operations to private cloud and its underpinning hardware, COGNIAN is there with the latest architectures and best practices to ensure highly efficient data center operations. Whatever the data center project, whatever the application needs, COGNIAN experts combine best-of-breed solutions with deep field knowledge for the success and transformation of the data center environment.

Despite the move to more sophisticated virtual application and software layers, every data center still relies on its underlying hardware. But, sometimes, it can be difficult to keep up with the hardware needs of your data center. Whether it’s a critical application performance tuning or deployment or crafting your datacenter modernization story, allow us to us share our expertise with you in ensuring a successful migration.

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