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Enhance the value of your Network with
Cognian Managed Services

“As the enterprises adopt the latest technologies, it is not only generating new
revenue opportunities but also creating new IT challenges, putting huge demands
on IT”

Let your IT focus on Business Deliverables

Meeting today’s expectations for Network performance and uptime and maintaining the ability to deploy new applications requires a constant balancing of efforts. By Leveraging Cognian Managed Services, Organizations and IT professionals can benefit by focusing more on the business deliverables rather than spending time on the Network fixes and upgrades. In fact, current market reports reveal that increases in efficiency can exceed 60-70 percent, while reducing operational budget up to 30-40 percent with managed services.

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Top Talent

With industry’s highly recognized CCIEs and experience in implementing enormous network installations, Cognian managed services has one of the most in-depth level of intellectual talent, and proven processes for operating and optimizing an enterprise network to help Organizations dynamically respond to a digital world.

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Increase the productivity

Cognian Managed Services complement your IT team to securely manage your entire IT environment. This helps shift your team’s focus from repetitive, noncore activities to strategic IT initiatives that help drive business outcomes that significantly increase productivity and the ability to innovate faster.

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Cognian Managed Services can help your IT team :

Accelerate technology adoption and Maximize performance to new services.

Enhance you IT team’s efficiency to do research of new technologies rather than addressing day-day operations

Minimize the downtime and risk related to new technology deployments and configuration changes

Cognian managed services provide a single point of contact for the Datacenter migration and integrations

Proactively monitor and resolve issues quickly and accurately enabling your IT team to maintain visibility and control of your infrastructure.

Consistent delivery model that can be combined with collaboration, data center, and enterprise networking managed services offerings

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